How to Measure the Perfect Bra Size?

A bra is a woman’s best friend. It offers all-time support, unconventional care, and perfect modesty to face the world confidently. But, when the bra doesn’t fit properly, the constant uneasiness can ruin even the best days. In India, different brands offer different cup sizes. Sometimes, the size of a B cup in one store is similar to a C cup in another store. That is why being aware of your right bra size is important to fit in the right size.


How to Measure Band Size?

All you need is a measuring tape and a non-padded full-coverage bra. But, before that, you must know what the term “band” refers to. It is the stretchable section below the cups that extends to the backside.

Use the tape to measure the underbust length while wearing the bra so that the measurement reflects the correct band size.

Now, if the result shows an even number, add a four to it. If the result comes out as an odd number, add a five.


Why do we need to add an extra 4? Well, there is a reason!

Women complain about experiencing tightness in their bra at the end of the day. Many times bra shrinks after a few washes. If the bra band is less elastic, you need to maintain at least a 4-inch gap to stay comfortable all day long. That is why BareDezire keeps a buffer line of 4 inches in its stretchable underbust section so that women experience the best comfort and fit while wearing the collections all day long.

So, if your underbust is 30 inches, you need to add a 4, and the measurement results in (30+4) = 34 inches.

However, If your underbust measurement is 30.5 inches, it will round up to 31 inches and the band size will turn to be (31+5)=36 inches.


Now, how to Measure Bust Size?

Measuring the bust size is easier provided you are wearing a non-padded bra. Avoid measuring your bust size while wearing clothes to get the perfect measurement.

Ensure that you enclose your bust line with a measuring tape perfectly from the backside. Note the measurement in inches to easily calculate the cup size. This time, you do not have to add any number.


How to Know the Cup Size?

Once you know your bust and band size, identifying the cup size is an easy task!

Suppose, your band size is 34 inches and bust size is 36 inches. So, you calculate the cup size as (bust size - band size) = (36-34) inches = 2 inches. Here, the number 2 represents B. Therefore your bra size is 34B.

Similarly, if the difference turns out to be 1, your cup size is A. If the difference is 3, your cup size is C. Following the same sequence, a 4 represents cup size D.


What are the Key Precautions to Follow?

If you are using BareDezire bras for the first time, you will realize getting the perfect bra size is easy and possible. However, you must follow certain precautions to ensure that you always wear the right size.

  • The bra cups must hold your breasts completely. There should not be any slipping or bulging.
  • Face the mirror from the side and check if your breasts are level between the shoulder and elbow. If not, you need a BareDezire plus-size pushup bra.
  • Check if the bra has an adjustable hook that stays firm on the backside. It should hold the breasts up and close so that the bra fits well in your body.
  • Make sure that the bra is not very loosely or tightly fitted. However, the wide gap between your breasts and cups indicates that you should reconsider if you are wearing the perfect bra.
  • Consider replacing your old bra with a new one after regularly using it for six months or one year.

Calculation makes it easy to choose bras for small busts or large busts. A renowned brand like BareDezire strictly adheres to the size benchmarks to maintain optimal quality standards, ensures a perfect fit, and allows zero compromise. Offering you the best product that fits well is our primary duty. But, trusting us for your comfort completely resides in you. Therefore, make the most informative decision to take care of your body, mind, and health.

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