How to Get Trendy with Bralette

Experimenting with bralettes is a new fashion trend in India. In culturally diversified countries like India bralette is bringing new style statements as women boldly wear it with ethnic and Western wear. Access to different colors, shapes, and styles of bralettes helps to complement any dress by enhancing the fun factors of styling. This article unveils some niche style combinations that will make you distinct in the crowd.

Pair with Blazer

Pair a lightly padded seamless bralette with a blazer to look trendier than just a tucked shirt. This look enhances the vibe of semi-casual if you wear low-waisted pencil trousers. You must have a tight ponytail and big earrings to add a polished compliment. Choose the shoe accordingly based on your comfort level. However, if you can carry pencil heels, do not look further.

Style with Saree

Styling in ethnic dresses becomes chic if you replace the blouse with a bralette. Indian film stars and models are increasingly spotted wearing bralettes with sarees at various events and shows. Even a silk, satin, or georgette saree becomes trendy when complemented with a cotton tank top bralette.

If you wear a nude bralette with a pink silk saree, you do not have to think about wearing any junk jewelry. Straight hair, slim fit body, and delicate accessories can get the job done. Moreover, with a bralette, you can use the saree as an accessory and not traditional attire. Wrap the pallu around the neck or brace it from the back side to make styling more fun and interesting.

Wear like a Tank Top

Different types of bralettes are available online. The most prevalent are cami top and tank top. BareDezire tank top bralettes are bold causal wear that must be worn with a short skirt, short pants, or jeans. Wear a pair of heeled booties or knee-height boots to bring out the bold and sporty look. Your casual look will be more than just a go-getter casual and you will love to make an impact.

Experiment with Skirts

The BareDezire lightly padded seamless bralette is available in various colors and print types. It goes very well with a skirt of printed or solid fabric. Cami tops and tank top bralettes have revealing waistlines as these are quite similar to short tops.

If you want to look hot and happening, complementing different types of bralettes with short skirts can help you achieve the look you want. However, if you prefer to guard your appearance, a long skirt can do the magic!

The low neckline and narrow backside make the bralette a must-have if you pair it with a jacket. The flirty look becomes more attractive when you use a scarf to knit your hair and wear a big earring and dark lipstick.

Wear the Sporty Look

The best part of wearing a cotton tank top bralette is you do not have to put much effort into experimenting. Own the sporty look in style with a bralette by putting on a hoodie and jeans with it. If you add more style quotient, hang a golden chain around your neck and show it off at every opportunity you get. Complement the overall style statement with a pair of sneakers or heels as you feel comfortable.


Owning a trendy style statement is an easy task when you have access to different types of bralettes. Browse BareDezire bralette collections to experiment more with the available gems in your wardrobe. When it comes to style, complementing with the right accessories becomes very important. But, the bralette is the type of women's wear that can turn boring attire into something interesting and attractive. So, own the style and leave a lasting impact!

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