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Women's Non Padded Non Wired Cami Bra (Beige)

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These sports bras are typically constructed using moisture-wicking, breathable, and stretchy fabrics that help manage sweat and maintain a cool and dry feeling throughout workouts. They feature a snug and secure fit, thanks to a combination of elastic bands, adjustable straps, and a supportive underband. This ensures that your breasts stay firmly in place, reducing bounce and discomfort during high-impact activities like running, jumping, or intense workouts.

Non-padded sports bras cater to various needs, from low-impact activities like yoga and Pilates to high-impact sports like basketball and aerobics. Their minimalist design makes them versatile for both athletic wear and everyday use, offering comfort and support without unnecessary padding. With a focus on functionality and freedom of movement, non-padded sports bras are a must-have for active individuals seeking reliable and uncomplicated support during their fitness endeavors.

Can Fit till size: 28 - 32

Read the Care Label: Always start by checking the care label attached to the sports bra for specific instructions. Manufacturers often provide guidelines tailored to the fabric and construction of the garment.

Hand Wash or Gentle Machine Wash: For the gentlest care, hand washing is recommended. Use a mild detergent and lukewarm water. If you prefer to use a washing machine, place the sports bra in a lingerie bag or pillowcase to protect it from friction and snagging. Select a delicate or gentle cycle with cold water.

Avoid Fabric Softeners: Fabric softeners can break down the elastic fibers in your sports bra and reduce its support. It's best to skip fabric softeners entirely.

Use a Mild Detergent: Choose a detergent that is specifically designed for delicate fabrics or activewear. Avoid using harsh detergents or bleach, as they can damage the fabric and stretch out the elastic.

Fasten Hooks and Zippers: Before washing, make sure to fasten any hooks, zippers, or closures to prevent them from snagging other items in the wash.

Wash with Like Colors: To avoid color bleeding, wash your sports bra with similar colors, especially during the first few washes when the dye may still be setting.

Air Dry: Heat can damage the elastic fibers and shape of your sports bra. Instead of using a dryer, lay the bra flat on a clean, dry towel to air dry. Avoid hanging it by the straps, as this can lead to stretching.

Store Properly: When not in use, store your sports bra by laying it flat or folding it in half. Avoid cramming it into a crowded drawer to prevent deformation.

By following these washing instructions, you can maintain the quality, fit, and support of your non-padded sports bra, ensuring that it continues to provide comfort and performance during your workouts for a long time.

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